guidelines to write a sql ssis pacakge

By Saurabh Sharma

If we are starting with sql ssis package. The first impression in our mind is SSIS. SSIS deals for sql server integration services. Microsoft has introduced this technology as the part of business intelligence. By using a sql ssis package you can get data from from several available sources and can put into any destination. You can play with your data during this complete process. Its very handy. Sql ssis package supports the extract, transform and load process. It can handle as many available records. Denali is the latest version of Sql server.

There are following features in sql ssis package.

* Control flow task

* Data flow task

* Several available sources(OLeDB source, flat file, Excel)

* Several available destinations(OLeDB destination, flat file,Excel)

Control flow task is the most important part of ssis. It provides you the facility to control your package is the best way. You can use several containers to control several tasks. When you will start Business intelligence development studio and you will go through the creation of your first ssis package. Control flow in the first window will be there.

Data flow task is the second most important part of ssis package. It contains several tasks in itself. You can drag and drop any available task in to data flow task. Every data flow task contains several options like source, destination and some other configuration options. It contains a lot of rich options in itself.

In the same way, A sql ssis package can do a lot. You can handle your data in perfect way. Get your data into DB and then start playing with tables and transformations. Going forward you can integrate your Sql ssis package with SSAS and SSRS. These both technologies are also the part of Microsoft Business intelligence.

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